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Monday, December 24, 2012

Tool #11

1. I am excited to use for various vocabulary and book club discussions. I also plan on using Glogster and Prezi at the end of the school year when we revisit poetry. My past students used them to publish and share their "I am From" poems at the end of the unit. During our second semester together, I would also like to begin going to the computer lab at least once a week for MangaHigh in math.

2. The 11 Tools assisted me in viewing how to use technology effectively and purposefully in the classroom. Rather than just adding technological aspects to particular lessons, we (the teacher that I plan lessons with and myself) strive to use the tools that technology offers throughout the content areas in order to implement student-centered learning where students really own what they are learning through self-discovery and peer discussions. I think that I will just need to always ask myself, how can I best use the tools that I acquired in teaching students, and how can my students productively and purposefully learn, use and become experts on these tools?

3. I really enjoyed viewing different websites and tools that I was not aware of before 11 Tools. In the future, I plan on exploring tools further and strengthening students' learning processes with them. I feel like I could better differentiate for students by giving them additional technological choices for activities depending on their learning styles, interests and individual needs and strengths.