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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tool #10

1. I would like for my students to acquire online researching skills in order to appropriately use google and other search sites for valuable, credible information. They also need to know how to determine and verify if that information is reputable. I agree with Vicki Davis in that we need to model and explain through active board demonstrations and think alouds, so we are not just asking them to use strategies without providing background knowledge and guidance. Additionally, once they acquire new information and wish to reference it, they need to know how to give credit to that source. In later grades, they will create works cited or works referenced pages, and they could not include simple versions of these in third grade as we discuss copyright laws. Thirdly, students need opportunities to use digital media while participating in authentic problem-solving situations, maybe even through virtual discussions with students and adults outside of our classroom. We would need to demonstrate how to go about this in a safe and purposeful manner.

2. I plan on using resources such as brainpopjr. during class discussions regarding digital citizenship. I like that it has the word wall feature and provides multiple examples for key concepts. I hope to also use the Adventures of CyberBee resources to address specific topics within the idea of being a responsible digital citizen.

3. I will discuss elements of digital citizenship as they arise when introducing activities such as research projects. Through class and small-group discussions, I will model and explain various strategies/skills; I believe that it is important for students to simultaneously follow along with modeling on their own devices. This helps them absorb more, as well as think of questions that they might have by actually doing and thinking through the process as it is discussed and debated. Then, I will target specific skills such as referencing copyright information and finding credible online information through individual activities and projects. These skills might be learned best through application activities that require these skills, rather than teaching and learning these strategies in complete isolation from one another and other concepts.

4. Through the weekly Friday newsletter that I email my students' parents, I will continue to include information in the 'weekly news' column regarding the digital citizenship skills that we are working on in conjunction with our core concept areas. I summarize what we will be learning in each area the upcoming week and what we covered that current week, and I think it would be a terrific place to explain the responsibilities and strategies in regards to digital etiquette, safety and literacy.

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