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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tool #8

1. I did not know that the netbooks had projector connection ports to where we could quickly connect them to the classroom projector and display their screens for discussion, presentation, etc. I also didn't realize that we could insert a SD photo card into the front. I learned how to create an icon on the home screen of the ipad for commonly used websites, and its appearance as an app makes it more efficient for everyone to find and navigate.

2. I will have two classroom technicians (one for netbooks and one for ipads), and I plan on having students rotate through these roles similar to other classroom jobs; however, I will keep the same technicians for a few weeks in a row, thus rotating through those jobs more slowly, since they require more training/explanation. I also have general guidelines regarding the handling, storing and moving of the devices. The devices will remain in the cart overnight on a daily basis, so we can ensure that they are fully charged for the start of each day and receive any necessary district/software updates. I ask students on the netbooks to raise their hands (or signal with colored card) with any questions, for I do not wish for them to carry the computers around to their peers or myself in order to receive assistance. It seems like if we come to them, it lessens the chance for any accidental collisions/droppings.  

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