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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tool #7

a. Content Objective: TLW connect, compare and contrast their own life experiences, languages, daily activities, customs and cultures with those of other cultures and communities. TLW also reflect on texts that they have self-selected to read by sharing a brief book review, so others can use their reviews as a resource in locating texts that interest them. 

b. We plan to implement it throughout the year, beginning in September, as an ongoing collaboration. We think that it might lead to other projects, too, such as a pen pal project.

c. We plan on using these tools: Blogger (for interactive book review conversations where students can comment on and ask questions about texts that interest them after reading the review) and a different blog page where students can write/create (maybe using Stupeflix or another photo/video tool) descriptions of their daily lives to learn about different cultures and customs. We might also use Wallwisher as a place for these conversations as well.

d. Brief description of project: A teacher from another SBISD school will ask her students to participate in this project with us, and her students are from a different community and language background than my class. We are hoping that through written conversations about their lives, students will connect with and learn about people their age from different backgrounds. We hope to see every student value one another's differing funds of knowledge and cultural wealth. Additionally, students will converse through writing, asking questions and responding to one another about books that they read.

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