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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tool #6 - cont.

I loved creating a wall on! It was really friendly to use, and I will definitely use it in my classroom next year. It reminds me of an interactive bulletin board; I never seem to have enough wall/bulletin board space to do all of the things that we think of using them for throughout the year. 

Instead of donating a bulletin board to posing the question of the day, where I post a free-response question (whether it's regarding a topic we're about to explore and see what students already know about it, a get-to-know one another question, a math question to quickly see where everyone is and how to best meet each child, etc.) and students respond by tacking up their responses on sticky notes or pre-cut slips of paper, I could have them interact on Wallwisher at a literacy or math station. 

I also really like how much easier and accessible their peers' responses will be to read for them. Before, they always had to walk over to the bulletin board and try to read one another's handwriting. I think that they would enjoy typing their responses and viewing them on a computer/ipad screen even more. IN addition, I can imagine my students formulating terrific, relevant questions to pose on walls as well, and I could maybe make that a weekly classroom job. My only concern is that there seems to be a limit on how many characters you type into your response, so it limits how much each student can write. We might need to have class discussions about them sometimes in order to give them the opportunity to elaborate,

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