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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tool #5

I have used Prezi as an instructional tool during writing workshop, and I definitely see how teachers can use it as a presentation tool, in addition to Glogster and power point, across all content areas. Similar to a power point presentation, Prezi allows you to zoom in on pictures, words, links, videos, etc. that you embed in your workspace, and it promotes creativity. 
In Austin, my fourth grade students chose to either use Prezi or Glogster in presenting their "I am from" poems that we worked on in writing workshop. They enjoyed exploring all of their features and could really personalize their writing through both tools. We decided to have a sharing day at the conclusion of the unit in the cafeteria, so their parents, families and peers across the grade could take a gallery walk and view each student's final product. It was similar to a science fair; each class took turns using the available laptops that we set up on the tables in order to pull up their work online and play it for each visitor that walked by to see. We rotated through every class, and it was terrific to witness students discussing everyone's individual strengths, creativity and ideas as they went through the gallery walk.

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