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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tool #5 - cont.

Through Stupeflix Video, I uploaded photos from a recent trip to New York's Central Park. While teaching second grade, we explored maps and how to give someone directions using terms like the compass directions. I created a huge, walkable Central Park map on butcher paper, using symbols of the real-life things in the park and labeling each symbol in the map key. My students loved to give each other directions to walk from one place to another, such as the Central Park Zoo to Strawberry Field's Imagine mosaic. I showed them the pictures that I had of these places from my trip. Afterwards, they seemed to enjoy it that much more, and they could more easily visualize how something can look in real life compared to how it's translated onto a flat map surface.

Stupeflix allowed me to organize some of my pictures that I used into a scrapbook video, and I could more easily show them the maps, etc. through the projected image on the active board. My students could use Stupeflix in creating video projects with their photos that they take on the classroom ipads, ones that they scan in from home or find from online research. They could also take pictures of their final products, or even their writing (or other projects) in each stage of the process, and create a video portfolio of their learning. I could also see students making a similar Stupeflix video of places that they know of in their community as they make maps of their community, homes, school, etc. (places in their lives that are meaningful to them).

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