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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tool #4

In May, Google Docs was especially helpful and easy to use during a team meeting, as we were co-creating a quad. d lesson. It was really nice to be able to share our ideas and temporarily type our own contributions into the lesson plan. Then, we could read through everyone's pieces, view it as a whole and edit as needed. It felt a great deal more efficient than using attachments through email or asking one team member to type everything.
The form tool will be fantastic for student reflections on readings, projects, etc., and I love how they can have a conversation through writing by commenting on one another's pieces. I would be interested in seeing if we could use Google tools like these to write pen-pals at other schools and in other SBISD communities, too. They could share letters/emails, in addition to photos from their school experiences to build on their words. 
I am also excited for students to blog their responses to readings (and build on one another's thinking), think through ideas for writing (to where other students could help them brainstorm), share questions/wonderings they might have to where other students and I could respond quickly, publish their writing (if they wish to share with their parents, too) and create interactive "posters" of their small-group discussions, rather than on anchor charts (for other groups to view and comment on). The fact that all of these tools are offered through Google Apps will help us stay organized and constantly build resourceful portfolios.

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