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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tool #3 - continued

1. I found Discovery Education helpful because they provide grade levels, descriptions, appropriate sources and length of clips that build well on class discussions and activities. Teachertube and youtube also had a variety of options for certain curricular topics, but it took me a lot longer to sort through which were appropriate, efficient and purposeful.

2. (Cont.) Animal Adaptations

3. I learned the labels/names associated with elements of copyright that I have encountered before. For instance, I knew that the media that we create on our own, such as personal photographs of nature, are not under someone else's copyright, but I did not realize that they are called homegrown media. I'm excited to share and use this terminology with students. Also, it's interesting how media will pass into public domain after their copyright protection period expires, and now I am wondering who/what determines the length of time before it passes into the public domain (I am guessing the original creator does upon publishing, but I'm not sure). Wesley Fryer's explanation of the importance of attribution reminded me to always give specific citing/reference to all media types that we use as resources.

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