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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tool #2

I am excited to begin building my PLN! My past experiences with creating, reading and commenting on blogs involved a smaller community of educators. After exploring and commenting on others' blogs, such as Children's Books for ELL Instruction, I can see how much more beneficial blogging is when you interact with educators not only across the district, but also around the world. It's amazing to see how many resources are available through these blogs!
The ten pieces of commenting advice proved helpful, and I especially liked the suggestion of asking open-ended questions that would purposefully invite people to comment. I had the opportunity to blog with the people in my cohort in college, and we used our blogs as interactive writing workshop journals. We really enjoyed seeing how interactive our posts and comments became once several people were commenting on each others' comments, and I can definitely visualize my students getting excited to converse through writing in that way. It felt good to share my thoughts with someone that I would not be able to discuss ideas with in person.
I plan on visiting the Children's Books for ELL Instruction and Science for All blogs in the future. The books blog looks like a good resource for finding books that would expand students', particularly ELLs, vocabulary while exploring themes and forming connections. I like how she includes descriptions of each book. The Science for All blog has interesting posts and videos embedded. I can see my students and I having conversations centered on some of his posts, such as the paper towel shake and fold video when we discuss reducing/recycling/reusing.

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